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5 different analys:

Macro Analysis – Candlestick Patterns – Technical Analysis – Harmonics – Elliott Waves

Meet Your Mentors

Nicola Duke


Stelios Konto


Blake Morrow


Grega Horvat


Stelio Voulgaridis


Dale Pinkert


Trade a minimum of 20 lots per month and get the whole package for free to a value of $801 USD.

As a true ECN broker, we want to see you succeed. Whether you are new to the markets or trade forex professionally you likely have some of the same challenges. Why not get through the trading hurdles together with a team of professionals? Let ForexAnalytix serve as your trading partners or mentors depending on your own skill set and experience. Learn from the team’s experience and see the markets through their eyes as you trade the North American trading session together daily. Get free market setups, daily webinars and much more completely free if you trade a minimum of 20 lots/month in your SCM account.

You don’t trade as much as 20 lots monthly but still, need the trading tools? No worries, we got you.

We don´t want anything more than seeing you grow your account and improve your trading. Even though we can’t give it to you completely free we are still able to get you a big discount. Any month you use the ForexAnalytix trading signals and analysis tools but trade less than 20 lots in your SCM account, we get you a 72% discount. Instead of paying $89 USD/Month we get you the whole package for only $24,99 USD. That´s how bad we want to see you succeed.

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